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Follow an Experienced Trader

Learn our simple method and strategy to become consistently profitable. We focus on aligning ourselves with the most probable setups the market has to offer. Now anyone can follow these setups live as soon as they trigger.

Trade Alerts + Commentary

We review the market every single night and identify which stocks are offering the most probable setups. You’ll be alerted live as soon as any of these setups trigger and receive market updates throughout the day.

Mindset & Psychology

Trading is much less about strategy and more about psychology and mindset. Our goal is to help you understand this and create a bullet proof mindset.


Our approach to charting is very simple. We do not use any indicators or complex strategies. We believe price action tells the full story and removes all other distractions.

Clean Simple Charts

We focus on keeping trading as simple as possible. We use clean charts with important levels to determine the most probable setups the market has to offer. 

Live Trade Alerts

Save time looking for trades and let us alert you when the most probable setups in the market are triggering in real time. We share trade ideas in this format to encourage traders to have a set plan for every trade they take. Traders use different strategies and have varying risk tolerance so we do not tell you buy or sell specifically. We alert a setup and include how we plan to manage it with targets and a stop. You have to make decisions based on your account size and goals. You should never blindly follow someone else’s trades!

Trading Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

There is a massive amount of noise in the fintwit community. While trading can present many challenges, our goal is to show you how effective a simple approach can be.

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